Development Management

Development Management

Development Management is a raft of interconnected work that is required to prepare and deliver a building project. It involves the following 3 important steps in any development project:

  • Pre Construction Preparation = Design & Consent
  • Project Management and Contract Administration = Build Stage
  • Marketing, Promotion = Sale and after care

With our in-house combined experience we are able to seamlessly deliver our projects through the above stages working with our trusted network of professionals. These stages are essential to the success of a project for the following key reasons:

  • To maximise site potential whilst factoring in site and planning restrictions but maximising value through design and therefore potential development profit.
  • To manage sites efficiently to control time and cost as well as the quality of the end product
  • To promote and market the completed sites professionally, at the right time and with an agent that has the desired reach for the intended market.

How this helps you. If you are a site owner, a property investor or know someone that needs assistance to realise value and deliver a project then we work in partnership with you to deliver from design to the sale.

To learn more about what is involved in the above steps, please see who we work with.